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Our Story

Our Story

AposTherapy was developed by Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor who come from the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine.

In 2004, the company was incorporated and the first flagship center was opened in Herzliya, Israel. Since then, AposTherapy has expanded to the UK, Singapore and now has its corporate headquarters in New York City. Over 50,000 people have experienced AposTherapy and there are plans for even more expansion both in the US and overseas.

The AposTherapy philosophy is to empower patients by enhancing their understanding of their condition and the underlying causes of their symptoms. This knowledge, combined with the biomechanical device and Certified Physical Therapist's training allows the patient to take active control over their lifestyle.

The principles of applying a scientific approach to everything we do is at the core of, and instilled into, the very essence of AposTherapy. We welcome all opportunities to learn and understand more about the various musculoskeletal diseases and their pathophysiologies, manifestations, and how AposTherapy and its partners can jointly improve the healthy lifestyles of those affected.


Our History


Our journey begins

  • AposTherapy was incorporated
  • 1st Generation AposTherapy device released

First flagship center opened

  • Herzliya, Israel becomes home to the first flagship AposTherapy center
  • 2nd Generation AposTherapy device released

More development

  • 3rd Generation AposTherapy device released

Adoption by leading insurers begins

  • Agreement with Clalit, Israel's largest HMO (sick-fund)

Adoption by leading insurers continues

  • Agreements with remaining HMOs (sick funds) in Israel - Maccabi, Meuhedet, Leumit
  • Received CE Mark (clearance to market in Europe)
  • Early stage financing

Let the pilots begin

  • Launched Bupa pilot in the UK
  • First centers opened in the UK (Reading and Birmingham)

Launch of Singapore

  • Business commenced in our Singapore expansion
  • Center opened in Haifa, Israel
  • Generation 3+ AposTherapy device released

The boom continues

  • Private medical insurance coverage with Bupa UK & Clal Israel
  • Formed UK subsidiary
  • Flagship center in Central London, UK opened
  • Financing from Pitango Venture Capital & Aviv Venture Capital

Over 30,000 people have experienced AposTherapy

  • Endorsed by the guidelines of Israeli Medical
  • Association for knee osteoarthritis
  • Insurance coverage with Seven Corners
  • Private medical insurance coverage with Harel
  • Center opened in Jerusalem, Israel

Global expansion

  • AposTherapy launched in New York, US
  • Private medical insurance coverage with Bupa International & WPA
  • Financing from Viola Credit
  • Launched first neurological center at Reuth Hospital, Israel
  • Centers opened in Birmingham, UK (BMI Hospital), Kent, UK (Beneden Hospital),
  • Edinburg, UK & Manchester, UK

Shifting the model

  • Dr. David Levy joins the AposTherapy team as CEO
  • The first AposTherapy Certified Providers (ACP) launched in Long Island, NY and in Southampton, UK
  • Establishment of our Medical Advisory Board

Enterprise expansion

  • Launch of first US-based clinical trial at NYU
  • Grand opening of US-based training center
  • Expansion to New Jersey and to over 10 ACPs across the UK.
  • Montefiore Medical Center becomes an AposTherapy Certified Provider

Becoming part of the AposTherapy Team

We're growing quickly and looking for great physical therapists to join our AposTherapy clinical team. If you appreciate a collaborative and dynamic work environment with opportunities to grow professionally, this may be the job for you. Learn more here.


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