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KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness

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Stephanie Caudle, DTP, ART
Stephanie Caudle, DTP, ART

Stephanie Caudle received her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from The University of South Carolina in 2012. Prior to graduation, she studied under prominent researchers at Champion Sports Medicine and the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL. Stephanie's graduate research under Bruce A. McClenaghan, PED, PT was focused on the effects of exercise on arthritis-related balance deficit.

Stephanie's continuing education is focused in manual approaches to the treatment of pain and movement dysfunction including courses such as the Mulligan Concept for mobilization with movement, Active Release Techniques for soft tissue management as well as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization with The Edge tool.

Prior to her graduate studies in physical therapy, Stephanie attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied exercise science and developed a passion for weight-training. As an honors student, she studied endocrine biomarkers of overtraining under Anthony Hackney, PhD, DSc.

Stephanie has worked extensively with athletes competing in marathon, triathlon, rugby, and CrossFit. Her own athletic background includes nearly 10 years as a competitive swimmer and runner. Weaving a strong interest in nutrition in with her love of weight-training, Stephanie competed in Figure in 2011 and currently trains as a powerlifter. She is preparing for her second competitive meet in April 2015.

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About this Practice

KIMA is a private practice that combines traditional physical therapy services with innovative wellness programming. KIMA seeks to prevent and manage musculoskeletal pain and to enhance performance using evidence-based research, the highest-level technology, and cutting-edge orthopedic treatment techniques. Comprehensive assessments of stability, flexibility, and biomechanical function serve as the foundation of each client's daily or sport-specific program. We develop lifelong relationships with our clients with the goal being optimum musculoskeletal health. At KIMA, physical therapists work closely with Feldenkrais practitioners, Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, acupuncturists, massage/reflexology therapists, mind body psychologists and cranio sacral therapists to provide the client with a comprehensive experience of achieving physical wellbeing.


KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness is an AposTherapy Certified Provider. To schedule your initial evaluation at this practice, call:

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