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As part of the AposTherapy® treatment program, a licensed clinician trained in AposTherapy® will assess your condition using specialized walking-analysis technology. Based on the results and clinical assessment, the clinician will calibrate a pair of AposTherapy shoes for you and work with you to create an effective yet convenient treatment program.

Over the next months, the clinician will monitor your progress and adjustment your shoes and treatment program based on your individual condition.

Getting started with AposTherapy

AposTherapy is appropriate for patients of all ages, including the elderly. However, it is not for everybody. Generally, individuals with severe balance problems, diabetic foot issues or uncontrolled systemic rheumatic disease are, unfortunately, not suitable for the treatment.

Otherwise, if you have knee or lower back pain and are located near a clinic (see our Locations page), then you are likely to be a suitable candidate for AposTherapy.

There are two ways to pay for AposTherapy® treatment
  • Through your medical insurance provider
  • Through funding your own treatment (self-pay package)

Leading insurance companies carry AposTherapy®. Prior to admission, you must contact your insurance provider to confirm that your policy covers AposTherapy® and to receive a pre-authorisation code for the treatment.

Please note that, since medical insurance is a contract between the member/patient and the insurance company, settlement of the account remains the patient’s responsibility. Our patient care team is available to answer any of your questions or queries.

To check if your insurance company covers AposTherapy, please contact us here

You may choose to pay for the AposTherapy® treatment yourself.

Our fixed pricing* eliminates any hidden charges. This can be reassuring, especially if you’re considering private care for the first time. Considering AposTherapy®’s benefits—such as it being non-invasive, drug-free and scientifically proven to significantly decrease pain by addressing the biomechanical problems at their core—there are enough reasons to consider paying for it even in case it’s not covered by your insurance company.

This AposTherapy® treatment will include

AposTherapy® Treatment Plan ComponentsStandard
Personalized AposTherapy® footworn biomechanical device1
Months of treatment12
Qualified AposTherapy® trained clinicianYes
Personalized treatment programYes
Number of follow-up consultations*5
Adjustments of components of the device according to the clinical needs at the follow-up consultationsYes
Patient support servicesYes
What are my payment options?Standard
Total cost$5,000

Specific payment plans are available in certain locations and can be discussed with you by the individual clinics.

*Follow-up consultations need to be used within the months included in your treatment plan.

Some of the insurance plans that cover AposTherapy are:

  • Blue Shield of California
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • CareOne Employees (Insurance through Aetna)
  • Cowen Employees (Insurance through Collective Health)
  • HealthFirst Medicaid Plans
  • HealthFirst Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Healthcare Partners IPA
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage
  • Touro College Employees (Insurance through United Healthcare)

Please note: Even if your insurance plan is not listed above, there is still a good chance it covers AposTherapy—at least partially.

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