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Living healthier with chronic conditions of the knee, hip, and low back

AposTherapy is non-surgical


How AposTherapy works

Chronic pain from conditions of the knee, hip, and low back may make life difficult for you. Daily events like climbing stairs and getting out of cars can feel like an obstacle course that you have to constantly overcome.

Most knee problems involve cartilage wear, which causes pain. But why do our knees wear out? When we walk, the same force we exert on the ground acts back on us. In most people, this line of force travels along the inner side of the knee joint and creates additional pressure on the injured area, causing pain. Our brain reacts to the pain, sending commands to the muscles to contract around the affected area - creating even more pressure and pain. These two factors generate a snowball effect. The more we use this walking pattern, the more pain we feel.

The AposTherapy biomechanical device works to retrain muscles around the knee by adjusting the center of pressure as you walk. By changing the foot's point of contact with the ground, the device shifts the line of force closer to the center of the knee. By restoring alignment and improving gait patterns, AposTherapy can help you live better with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee.

Based on your physical therapist's assessment, you'll wear the AposTherapy shoe-like device around the house or at work generally about an hour each day. When used over time, AposTherapy is designed to help you better manage your knee discomfort, as part of a healthy lifestyle. AposTherapy uses a non-surgical biomechanical device that has been thoughtfully designed and refined over the past 11 years.

According to an independent telephone survey conducted by Network Research in November of 2009 including 150 AposTherapy patients in the UK, over 95% of patients are satisfied with AposTherapy, the majority say it exceeded their expectations. To date, over 50,000 people have experienced AposTherapy.


Wellness Journey


Initial evaluation

During your initial evaluation, AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapists use a computerized gait analysis to study your walking patterns (identifying weakness or misalignment). If you are a candidate, the foot-worn device will be calibrated to your specific needs. You'll take the AposTherapy device home with instructions from your Certified Physical Therapist as to how long you should be wearing them each day.


Using the device

You'll wear the AposTherapy foot-worn device around the house or at work generally about an hour each day (depending on your physical therapist's assessment). It's as simple as putting the shoes on for an hour after work while you're walking around the house or cooking a meal. The device comes with a convenient carrying bag so you can easily bring them with you to use around the office.


Follow-up visits

To optimize your results and re-calibrate the device as necessary, your AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapist will ask you to visit their office about five more times over the course of a 12 month period. This allows your physical therapist to take you through the computerized gait analysis again to compare your reports and examine your progress. The follow-up visits also give your physical therapist the opportunity to alter or change the pertupods on the bottom of the mounting rail for various levels of convexity, height and more.


Feel like yourself again

When used over time, AposTherapy is designed to help you better manage your knee discomfort, as part of a healthy lifestyle. AposTherapy can help you get back to doing the things you love. By living a healthy lifestyle you may be able to reduce the impact of osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions that cause knee discomfort.


Over 50,000 people have experienced AposTherapy worldwide

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