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The Biomechanical Device


The biomechanical device

AposTherapy uses a biomechanical shoe-like device that, when used over time, is designed to help you better manage your knee discomfort, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

During your initial evaluation, AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapists don't just sit you down and find "shoes" that fit. They use a computerized gait analysis software to measure your gait, meticulously analyze your walking pattern, and standardized survey tools to understand your medical conditions. Your Certified Physical Therapist will then calibrate the pertupods on the bottom of your "shoes" so that they are fitted specifically for your condition and needs.

The biomechanical device works to retrain muscles around the knee by adjusting the center of pressure - changing the way your foot interacts with the ground. By changing the foot's point of contact with the ground, the device shifts the forces acting on the damaged joint. Over time, this helps to restore better alignment and develop improved gait (walking) patterns. This, in turn, can help you live better with chronic conditions of the knee, hip, or back.

You'll wear your AposTherapy "shoes" for about an hour each day while doing normal daily activities like cooking or walking around the office.

AposTherapy isn't a shoe you can buy off the shelf - it's part of a plan administered by an AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapist. Think about it like this - if you want to straighten your teeth, you won't go buy braces and do it yourself. But once you put those little pieces of metal into the hands of a trained Orthodontist, then you'll start seeing some results. AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapists have been specially trained to help correct alignment issues (that can lead to pain) by integrating AposTherapy into their normal daily lives.

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