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Physical therapy as part of your daily life

Healthy lifestyle

Get back to doing the things you love and feeling like yourself again. By experiencing AposTherapy, you can live better with osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions that cause knee pain.


AposTherapy is very convenient and blends into your everyday life. You'll wear the AposTherapy foot-worn device around the house or at work generally about an hour each day (depending on your physical therapist's assessment).


AposTherapy is non-surgical and is appropriate for people of just about any age - including young adults and the elderly. Through follow-up visits after your initial evaluation, your AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapist will monitor your progress to ensure your well-being.

Calibrated device

During your initial evaluation, AposTherapy Certified Physical Therapists use a computerized gait analysis to study your walking patterns (identifying weakness or misalignment). If you are a candidate, your AposTherapy biomechanical device will be calibrated specifically for your condition and needs by a Certified Physical Therapist.

Being active

When you're suffering from symptoms associated with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee, maintaining an active lifestyle can be very difficult. By managing your symptoms, you may improve mobility and be able to adopt a more active lifestyle which can contribute greatly to your overall health and well-being. In turn, this may help you get back to doing some of the activities that may have been difficult to do with symptoms of chronic conditions.

User satisfaction

Based on an independent telephone survey conducted by Network Research in November of 2009 including 150 AposTherapy patients in the UK, over 95% of patients are satisfied with AposTherapy, the majority say it exceeded their expectations. To date, over 50,000 people have experienced AposTherapy.

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