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The uniqueness
of AposTherapy®

AposTherapy® doesn’t just treat the symptom of knee pain, it treats the root cause, too – without painkillers or invasive procedures or requiring patients to change their daily routines. By improving body mechanics and muscular coordination, AposTherapy® has been shown, in clinical studies3,5,7,24,27,28,32 to relieve pain and improve daily function and quality of life.

Compared with other options—such as painkillers, injections, surgery and other biomechanical treatments—it is easy to appreciate the unique benefits and value of AposTherapy®.

How AposTherapy® is Unique

How is AposTherapy® unique compared with other knee pain treatments?
Here’s how!


A number of clinical studies33-38 have shown that patients were not satisfied with medicines and injections in the long term.

While medicines and injections address the sensation of pain and can turn off patients’ inflammation and pain sensations temporarily, AposTherapy® takes a different approach. AposTherapy® realigns the body and helps improve muscular control and coordination – thereby relieving pain and significantly improving daily function.
Also, AposTherapy® is non-invasive and safe.

Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without medicines or injections. That’s AposTherapy®.

While surgery has proven to be effective — and has produced slightly better results in pain reduction and improvement of function than AposTherapy® in clinical studies3,7,39,40 — some patients cannot, or do not want to, go under the knife and are seeking an alternative to surgery.

Additionally, surgeries are not always effective. Studies have found that 7% to 23% of hip replacements and 10% to 34% of knee replacements, do not offer long-term pain relief. Which leaves some patients wondering what to do next. 

Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without surgery. That’s AposTherapy®.

Biomechanical treatments such as orthotics, braces and walking aids attempt to stop or even reverse the cycle of pain by focusing on reducing loads. In addition, physical exercises and neuromuscular training, such as training with unstable surfaces, are also being tested. However, most, if not all, of these biomechanical treatments are not monitored by a clinician.

AposTherapy® provides both biomechanical training and neuromuscular training at once and is personalized and monitored by a trained clinician. Abundant clinical studies have shown that AposTherapy® relieves pain and improves function significantly.

Imagine a dual-action—biomechanical and neuromuscular—treatment program with over 50 peer-reviewed research papers that provide proof of concept of its mechanism of action and scientific backing to its positive clinical effects. That’s AposTherapy®.

Pain treatment packed into a foot-worn medical device

Imagine an easy-to-use knee pain treatment that provides benefits of physical therapy without disrupting the patient’s daily routine. That’s AposTherapy®.

AposTherapy® is a pain treatment program that allows the patient to get optimal benefit even while outside of the clinic. 

This easy-to-use, daily treatment only requires a visit with a clinician once to get fitted and five more times within the next year to readjust the device as the patient’s coordination and muscular control improve. As the patient’s coordination and muscular control improve, they experience a “carryover effect” of improved daily function even when not wearing the device.


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