No need to change your routine- it only takes 1 hour a day.
Wear the AposTherapy® shoes at home, to work or even for a walk in the park. It’s that easy!

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Relieving knee or lower back pain is as easy as
putting on a pair of shoes
  • Effective, non-invasive, drug-free treatment alternative
  • Backed with extensive evidence from numerous clinical studies
  • Custom-fitted to shift weight off the painful areas of your joints and correct your walking patterns
  • Easy to wear, anywhere
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Living with knee or lower-back pain can be hard. Simple activities become difficult, and important things – like our work, health, and personal life – suffer.
The treatment options are limited. Injections, drugs, and physical therapy can be expensive, time-consuming, and only partly effective. When these often fail, the only remaining option is surgery.

Learn how AposTherapy® is transforming patients’ lives.

patient stories

tailored to you

Your pair of AposTherapy® shoes is fitted with special Pods – custom-selected for you – to realign your posture and redistribute the load on your body.

fit your routine

Don’t waste precious time out of your day. AposTherapy® shoes let you walk around – at home, work, or the park – while getting better.

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backed with science

By using biomechanical and neuromuscular training, AposTherapy® shoes are designed to restore your functional alignment, enhance your muscle proprioception, and improve your walking patterns.

Studies have found that the AposTherapy® at-home treatment produces high patient satisfaction and high compliance rates and integrates smoothly into patients’ daily schedules. Reported benefits include decreased pain, improved function, and improved walking.

AposTherapy® is an FDA-cleared medical device for treating knee osteoarthritis and is cleared as a wellness device for treating other musculoskeletal conditions, including lower-back pain.

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