Knee or lower back pain?
AposTherapy - Clinically proven, non-invasive and drug-free treatment.
Pain relief can be a walk in the park...
How can it help you?

You do not need to change your routine and adapt to the treatment, the treatment is adapted to you.

Wear the AposTherapy® shoes at home, to work or even for a walk in the park.
It’s that easy!

• Get better, get moving, get your life back.
• Non-invasive, no drugs, easy to use.

Clinically Proven

Treatment backed with science and dozens of clinical studies


No surgery
No injections


Safe treatment


The treatment is tailored to you

What is AposTherapy®?

A potential alternative to surgery. AposTherapy® treats not only the pain, but also the underlying biomechanical problems, without invasive procedures.

 AposTherapy® is an FDA-cleared treatment, which is personalized for you by a certified AposTherapy® clinician.

 AposTherapy® effectively treats major causes of pain and the symptoms, with just 1 hour a day.

As you walk, AposTherapy® shoes stimulate and retrain your muscles re-educating your body to adopt a healthier, less painful walking pattern – even when not wearing the shoes.

 No need to change your routine. Rather than adjusting your life to treatment, this is a treatment that adapts to you.

Before and after

AposTherapy® treatment costs ~$5,000,

Find out if you fully covered by your insurance company

Find out if you are fully covered:

Are you suffering from pain and having trouble walking, using the stairs or doing daily activities?

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tailored to you

Your pair of AposTherapy® shoes is fitted with special Pods – custom-selected for you – to realign your posture and redistribute the load on your body.

fit your routine

Don’t waste precious time out of your day. AposTherapy® shoes let you walk around – at home, work, or the park – while getting better.

Backed with science

AposTherapy® is an FDA-cleared medical device for treating knee osteoarthritis and is cleared as a wellness device for treating other musculoskeletal conditions, including lower-back pain.

Studies have found that the AposTherapy® at-home treatment produces high patient satisfaction and high compliance rates and integrates smoothly into patients’ daily schedules. Reported benefits include decreased pain, improved function, and improved walking.

Success stories

Robert LaSalle's inspiring story of dealing with knee pain
The AposTherapy® treatment is available with a variety of providers in the U.S.- Montefiore medical center is one of them. Dr.Bartel speaks about the impact of AposTherapy®
How Rex Thayer’s quality of life improved with AposTherapy

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